The first Masses of the community were held at Marist Brothers Linmeyer in 2010 after gaining permission from the school’s management. The idea of celebrating Mass at this location was conceptualised by Fr. Lazslo Karpati, parish priest of St. Patrick’s, La Rochelle at the time. With a small number of parishioners (+- 25 at the first Mass) and a very humble atmosphere, the first days of what would eventually become St John Paul II Catholic Community were initiated.
The initial status of the parish was to be an outstation of St. Patrick’s, La Rochelle. In 2012 however, Archbishop Buti Tlhagale granted approval for the parish to stand on its own within the Southern Deanery. Subsequent to this, the parish was known as Linmeyer Catholic Community until 2014 whence the parish was dedicated to St John Paul II, a saint chosen by an overwhelming majority of the parish.
Although the community has since greatly increased in number, the intimate atmosphere and strong fellowship among parishioners remains.

*Thank you to Ethne Durrell for her contribution to the above historical information.


First Masses held in the school hall of Marist Brothers Linmeyer


Archbishop Buti declares community a stand-alone Parish – Linmeyer Catholic Community


Parish dedicated to Saint Pope John Paul II by community vote


Land purchased in Rispark as site for future Church building


We are a Eucharistic family; united, inspired and guided by the Holy Spirit, seeking the joy and fulfillment of Christ in building the Kingdom of God.

Who we are: A Eucharistic family…
It is through the celebration of the Eucharist (the source and summit of the Christian life – Lumen Gentium) that we are formed into the Church, the People of God – the family of God. The Parish places a strong emphasis on the family as the unit of the parish, rather than individuals.

The cause of who we are: … united, inspired and guided by the Holy Spirit…
There is one agent that builds up the Church, and that is the Holy Spirit. We recognise that the Holy Spirit achieves this primarily through unity (Christ prayed to his Father a number of times in the 17th Chapter of John’s Gospel that ‘they might be one’), and seeks to both “inspire” us and “guide” us.

What we strive for: ….seeking the joy and fulfilment of Christ…
A sure sign of the presence of Christ in the Christian community is “joy” (John 15:11), and the Parish places a strong emphasis on the experience of true joy in the life and activity of the community. It is this joy of Christ that is a sign that the community is finding fulfillment in Christ.

Our mission as Christians: … building the Kingdom of God
As baptised Christians, we have all received the mission to participate and share in Christ’s mission which is to build the kingdom of God.

Priests of St John Paul II

Fr. Lazslo Karpati

Priest-in-Charge 2010

Fr. Donald Mcloughlin

Priest-in-Charge 2012-2014

Fr. Sergio Durigon

Priest-in-Charge 2014-2016

Fr. Deneys Williamson