Mar 18

Worship during the COVID-19 Pandemic


Message from Fr Deneys and official communication from Archdiocese of Johannesburg with regards to COVID-19 Pandemic:


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Dear parishioners,

Kindly see the attached letter from Archbishop Buti which outlines how the Church will comply with the President’s directives to combat the spread of the coronavirus.

All Masses at St JP II will go ahead as usual, except we are now limited to a max of 100 people per Mass. To alleviate this we will be adding a Sunday 7am Mass in the chapel, and move the 9am Mass to the chapel in order to control the numbers. The new weekend Mass times are therefore:

Sat 6pm – chapel
Sun 7am – chapel
Sun 9am – chapel
Sun 5:30pm – chapel

If you attend the 9am Mass, please consider coming to one of the other Masses to keep the numbers down.
Weekday Masses to continue as normal, Monday at 6:45am, Tuesday – Friday at 6pm.

The Palm Sunday Procession, as well as all the celebrations of the Easter Tridium – Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and the Easter Vigil – are unfortunately cancelled.

Please share with other members of our community.

-Fr Deneys